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Azimuth is our favourite IPA. Delicious peachy, juicy hop flavours make this a world beating fuyll-on IPA. This very special t-shirt depicts the history of IPA and the often quoted, sometimes disputed and suspiciously mythical* story of transport of beer from England’s breweries to overseas colonies in countries like India.

Based on original artwork by Cumbrian’s very own Robin Grenville-Evans commissioned by Hardknott for the launch of Crowd Rewards.

We are still putting the finishing touches to this design before getting proofs printed prior to final production, so there will be an extended delivery time on this product. However, you can reserve one up front as we expect them to go quickly once we have the first run complete.

*We admit to not being beer historians. So, beer writers, go off on one about how inaccurate our historical references are. We know mermaids and seamsters as shown here don’t and have never really existed. But come on, lighten up, we’re just having a bit of fun.

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