More about discretionary

So pleased you want to know more, we’ve got lots of ideas for this section and will post here from time-to-time as we think of new ones.

We think mostly this will consist of social media activity. Posting about  buying or drinking our beers on social media will almost certainly gain you some BeerCoins. However we do want to retain flexibility on how we award points. Clearly a tweet sent out by someone who has few followers or has their tweets protected will be of very much less value to us.  However, if you have a lot of friends or followers we will be overjoyed especially if you manage to invoke re-tweets or further shares of your original post.

We also have some ideas for how we can reward you for actually drinking Hardknott beer, which was kind of how the idea for this website came about…


Here’s some to be getting along with (as always, we reserve the right to adjust these exchanges as we find that they work, or not)

  1. Proof of purchase of 24 bottles of Intergalactic Space Hopper from Morrision’s for 500 HKBCs. You could send us a picture of a till receipt, or you could post about your purchase on social media, but we do need to be convinced you actually bought the beer! No posting a picture of them in your shopping trolley and then putting them back on the shelf now….
  2. Proof of drinking 12 pints of Azimuth or Intergalactic Space Hopper keg, not (necessarily) all in the same drinking session, for 1000 HKBCs. Obviously best proof of purchase is a till receipt, but we know this isn’t really what most pubs do. Posting on social media as you drink with the hashtag #HKBeerCoins or #HardknottCrowdRewards could well be enough to gain you this anyway, as there is the added benefit to us of sharing the love.
  3. Proof of drinking 24 pints of any Hardknott cask beer, really preferably not all in the same session for health reasons, in exchange for 800 HKBCs.
  4. Any other proof of purchase of a reasonable amount of Hardknott beer, perhaps in mixed formats. Send us the details or post on social media and we’ll give you HKBCs in some sort of imaginary algorithm derived number……

As always you can use the form below to make a claim for HKBCs. We’ve included the ability to upload a file too, so if you have a picture or document that will help in proof of your claim send it right along.

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