Get BeerCoins

OK, so you’re asking how to get more BeerCoins. Good, we’re glad you are taking an interest. We want to reward you for visiting the site, interacting with what we’re doing and generally supporting what we are doing here at Hardknott.

Currently awards are.

  1. Logging onto this site – 1 HKBC (once per day per user)
  2. Referring someone to this site – 1 HKBC (up to 5 per day)
  3. Referring a new member – 10 HKBC (No limit, we want new folks!)
  4. Viewing specific content – amounts dependant on content and will change as our content changes – there will be links
  5. Collecting coupons – again, amount depends on coupon location – OK, so go ahead and explain this properly!
  6. Site administrator’s own discretionary awards
  7. Buying our beer

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