You will get 100 BeerCoins as soon as you sign up!!

OK, so this site is called Hardknott Crowd Rewards and has the url hardknottcrowd.com…. you might be forgiven for thinking you are entering some sort of crowd funding scheme. Well, not really….

Yes, we did start looking at crowd funding for a planned expansion, but came up against various snags. We did buy this website address for that reason, but decided not to pursue*

Anyway, after some thought we came up with the idea of turning the crowd funding thing on its head; why not give our crowd something, rather than asking for stuff from our crowd?

We invented a virtual currency that we are calling Hardknott BeerCoins that can be traded on this site.

Hardknott have had a strong internet and social media presence for many years. Through blogging, then Twitter, Facebook and other on-line stuff we’ve built a fan base. But it’s getting tricky as more breweries pop-up and more and more get themselves active on social media.

This scheme is aimed at encouraging existing fans and new fans alike to share the love. The more you share the more Hardknott BeerCoins (HKBC) you get. Once you have gained enough HKBCs you can then trade them in for goodies! The more you engage the more you gain, what’s not to like?

So what are you waiting for? sign up and well give you 100 HKBeerCoins to get you going!!

*We may well consider crowdfunding at some point. We have loads of ideas some of which lend themselves to that method of raising capital. However, we’re just not quite ready for that yet.

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