OK, get this one, now show me other ways to earn BeerCoins.

So some of the rewards through this site will work completely automatically. But there is lots that our fans can do to help us that would be impossible to enable automatic awards. In particular social media interactions that could be measured quantitively, i.e. by number of shares, likes or posts about us, but will always have a qualitative element that only a human can asses.

So, the key thing is, the better you big us up on-line the more BeerCoins you will get.

If you believe you have already done some great work on social media to help out our cause then please use the contact form below to give us some details. Don’t forget to include your online persona details and some dates of when you did this excellent work for us.

If you fill in your account name we will look at your request and if we feel it is reasonable we may well just award the points without further fuss.

I’ve read this far and am incredibly interested, please tell me even more.

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